Minimum must-haves you need to even consider a home. You and your co-borrower, if you have one, will need to provide us with documentation to verify your employment history, creditworthiness and overall financial situation. Before completing an application, you’ll want to ensure you have these things:


For Individuals

• SSNIT Statement (for the last 2 years)

• Recent payslip or pay stubs (covering the most recent 30 days). Please don't apply if you cannot provide proof that your total monthly household income is above GHS2,000 (reflected in your SSNIT Statement as well). Individuals in a joint application can have net monthly salary below GHS2,000, but the total should be above GHS2,000 to be considered.

• Signed personal tax returns (all pages and relevant schedules)

• Complete bank statements for all financial accounts, including salary bank account, investments, where applicable mobile money statement (for the last 6 months)


For Limited Liability Companies

Note: We don't lend to Sole Proprietor Businesses. 

• Signed business tax returns (all pages and relevant schedules)

• A copy of most recent year-to-date profit/loss statement



We may require more documents, depending on your circumstances and the type of mortgage for which you’re applying. You can expect us to ask you details about your employment and financial history. With your permission, we will also run your credit check as part of the process.