At Ghana Property Traders, we solve problems and/or provide actionable construction solutions. Almost all enquiries and customer relations are handled remotely via email, whatsapp or phone call, but below are guidelines for scheduling an in-person meeting at any of our office premises, where applicable and/or necessary.
Please take note that we will NOT schedule any in-person meeting when you don't have the basic requirement to use this service.

We use a mix of inner-city and construction site offices to compliment our informative website. Our preference for the suburbs over the cities is deliberate, as our operations are never negatively impacted by our unique locations (thanks to advancement in technology).


Preliminary enquiries are handled remotely by any of our competent staff.



As a policy of The DCANS Group Limited, we share resources (including real estate, office spaces, personnel, etc). All Construction Site Offices of DCANS Developments Ghana (Affordable Housing Builder, Corporate Sibling & part of The DCANS Group Limited) are viable physical location places.



The group is rolling out food-serving internet enabled inner-city locations jointly operated by:

DCANS Kitchens

Supermax Internet


It's important to note that, our physical locations also serves as meeting places and/or physical product pickup locations of all relevant businesses of the TDG Ecosystem.

Booking Appointment
We do not have an open door policy. To schedule an appointment, you need to state the purpose of such an in-person meeting. If it can be resolved remotely, we would not schedule any appointment and ask you to use our digital channels.

You don't have to use our services if you disagree with how we operate or any of the arrangements above.