A mortgage in which the borrower repays interest only and also contributes to a pension plan designed to provide an eventual tax-free lump sum, part of which is used to repay the capital at the end of the mortgage period and the rest to provide a pension for the borrower's retirement.

Our Pension Mortgages are not the same as the pension backed mortgages offered by traditional banks in Ghana. With us, your pension lump sum is only one of the acceptable capital repayment vehicles you can use with us, and there's no requirement for you to assign your pension to us upfront. More on that below.



This interest only option comes with lower monthly repayment than repayment mortgage option: principal + interest

Ideal for prospective property buyers, mostly first time buyers, who may not qualify for a typical repayment mortgage

Penalty free Capital Reduction



There are several acceptable capital repayment vehicles one can use with us to pay off the principal at mortgage expiration.

Tier 2 Lump Sum, with any trustee of your choice

Tier 3 Personal Investment Plan

Stock Investment Portfolio

Proceeds from some other property sale

Proceeds from existing property in question, via a downsize or none



All our home mortgages are structured as Seller Financed Mortgages, which does not require external regulation.