Selling your property (residential or commercial) can be difficult - it doesn't have to be. We work hard to reduce the time, worry, stress, and the financial burden of preparing your home to sell quickly for top dollar.

Only Direct Owners or Developers can sell via our platform currently. We're NOT Agents and We DON'T Deal With Agents for now. Only properly documented properties (land, apartments, houses) can be sold via this platform.


Your property:

- MUST Be registered in the name of the Direct Owner or Development

- Can be located anywhere in our covered regions of Ghana (Greater Accra, Eastern, Central, Western, Western North, Ashanti)

- Can located anywhere in the UK (specifically England or Wales)

- Can also be sold to us via our Swap option


Who Buys Your Property

Your property could be bought directly by us, or any of the pre-qualified buyers, or simply borrowed against pending sale.