We're law abiding entity.



The DCANS Group Limited (“TDG”) which, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates GhanaPropertyTraders.com, seeks to apply the spirit as well as the letter of the law with regards to Ghana and global tax legislation. We believe that we should pay our fair share of tax on the profits arising from our success, and we do not plan to deviate from this embedded culture going forward.

Our internal tax processes and procedures provide sufficient segregation of duties, and all tax returns are reviewed to mitigate the risk of error. The tax processes and procedures are regularly monitored by the tax team and updated to ensure they operate effectively for reporting.



We take a conservative approach to tax planning and strategy. As such, no effective tax rate target is set by the Board and we have no motive or intention to enter into tax mitigation arrangements that could be considered as abusive in the current business climate.

Historically we have grown the business through acquisition, and if this trend continues, we will seek ‘acquisition-based’ tax advice as appropriate. Whilst we ensure that new acquisitions are integrated into the group in a tax efficient manner, we have no structured tax planning that could be considered abusive and conduct transactions in compliance with tax laws and regulations.

We believe that corporations should pay their fair share of tax, and we do not plan to deviate from this embedded culture going forward.